Bell pepper shaped seeded paper sheets kept together by a copper split pin.
Growing Paper

Memory Grower: Green Pepper

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Jot down something to remember and watch your memories grow once you’re done using it.

This notepad consists of 10 shapes bound by a split pin and has a magnet on the back.  It will be packaged in a brown craft bag to support our goal of becoming fully plastic free. A growing paper card will be included to guide you in planting the paper.  The pages are cut into green pepper shapes.  

You can't choose the specific type of seed but can choose to have any of our Flower, Herb or Veggie variety in the product. 

Example: If you choose "Flower Mix", you will receive any one of the flower seed options we have available: forget-me-not, lavender, snapdragon, baby's breath, poppies, vygies, african daisies or flower mix. 
The "Herb Mix" will have any one of the herb varieties we have available: rocket, chives, chamomile, thyme, lemon balm or basil.
The "Veggie Mix" will be any one of the veggie varieties we have available: carrot, lettuce, tomato, chilli, peppers or marog.

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