Eco-friendly notebook with design of Protea, made from recycled paper, with cover and plantable seed paper strips that can be grown into flowers, or herbs and vegetables.
Shwe Shwe by Growing Paper

Protea Notebook

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Our eco-friendly notebooks are made from 100% recycled material, each with a special seed paper cover featuring original artwork from South African illustrators and artists. Each notebook has 20 pages, as well as 2 seed paper sheets with perforated plantable strips, all hand made. The cover and special strips are embedded with seeds, so they can be planted to grow a variety of flowers, or herbs and vegetables.

If you love putting pen to paper – from jotting down notes, to writing poems or planning your next business – and want to be environmentally friendly, this is the perfect notebook for you. Or give it as a gift to someone who loves to see their words come to life.

This notebook cover design is part of the Shwe Shwe range from Growing Paper. The imagery are inspired by local arts and crafts, and celebrates Africa and all its beauty.

Notebooks measure 140 x 200 mm.
Each unit has a plantable cover, 20 pages (commercially produced from recycled paper sheets), 2 seed paper sheets (perforated), and comes with planting instructions, packaged in a plastic sleeve.

Seed options: Due to limitations either the flower mix or the companion mix will be used.
8 seed mix: Alyssum, Poppies, Dianthus, Godetia, Snapdragon, Baby's Breath, Vygies and Virginian Stocks
Companion mix: Basil & Tomatoes


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