The Rose

The Rose

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When writing is second nature, you’ll be no stranger to tearing out pages in notebooks. Invest in a notebook that has the potential to grow into so much more. With plantable seeded paper sheets, made by hand, you’ll never have to throw another page you tear out ever again.


Alexander Maritz is a Cape Town based artist and photographer. He graduated from Stellenbosch University with a honours degree in Fine Art, specialising in the field of drawing and and mixed media. His ambition, experience and keen eye for detail comes to life in his beautiful works of art, which have enjoyed professional commisions and exhibitions over the past 10 years.


Nostalgie presents a dreamy range of botanical drawings created by the talented Alex Maritz. Devoted to the flowers of our childhood, the concept seamlessly blends the realism of the colours with bold outlines and crosshatching (often found in Victorian botanical illustrations) to fuse old and new in a nostalgic range of beautiful seeded paper, 100% eco-friendly masterpieces.

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